Welcome to Law Office Aquariums

This website features the marine aquariums of estate planning, elder law and lax lawyer, Dennis M. Sandoval. You will find information, photos and videos about the aquariums, as well as many of the corals and fish that inhabit them. We are especially proud of our 240 gallon and 180 gallon reef tanks, which house many old school corals and exotic rarities. Our 300 gallon fish only aquarium features an unusual mix of fish, many which are not frequently encountered. The 90 gallon reef tank in our law office lobby features an electrifying mixture of soft corals – zoanthids, palythoa and beautiful reef fish. Our 100 gallon anemone tank, 90 gallon seahorse sanctuary aquarium and 20 gallon LPS tank are big hits with the clients of the law firm. Dennis is a hard core fan of rare leopard wrasses, jaw fish, gobies and blennies and he houses his collection in the 45 gallon fish only tank. In addition to all these tanks, we have 90 gallons of frag tanks in which we house our coral frags, which we sell through our shop and at reef shows. Should you have any questions about our tanks, corals or fish, feel free to contact us.

Be Sure to Visit Our Events Page

On our Events page, where you find out about events we are attending and/or where we will be exhibiting our many beautiful corals for sale.

Shop for Sharkbred Corals

On our Shop page, you can purchase many of our Sharkbred corals. We call them Sharkbred corals as a play on the fact the company is owned by a lawyer and grown in tanks housed in a law office. We take pride that we are not a chop shop — all of our corals are either proven old school corals or more exotic corals that we have maintained in our display or frag tanks for at least a year or more. Most of our corals have provenances that can be traced to very reliable sources. If you are looking for a coral and can’t find it on our Shop page, contact us. We may have a source for the coral for you.

Visit Our Law Office

Residents or visitors to the Riverside area are welcome to come by our law office to view our aquariums or look at corals to purchase. As our main business is the law firm and we are meeting with law firm clients constantly, we ask that you call us at 951-787-7711 or contact us first prior to stopping by.

Need Help Setting Up or Servicing Your Tank?

We are licensed distributors of most everything you would need to set up a first class marine aquarium, including lighting, tanks, chillers, pumps, and skimmers, and of course – fish and corals. Check out our Shop page for a list of the vendors we represent. Looking for someone to service your tank? Richard Bausa, our technical consultant, has been servicing tanks for over fifteen years. If your tank is in the Riverside area, he may be able to provide you with quality service, whether on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Don’t live in the Riverside area? Perhaps Richard can refer to a reliable service person in your area.

Have Questions?

Subscribe to our blog and submit any technical questions for our technical advisor, Richard Bausa, to answer, if he can. Be sure to like us on Facebook, visit us on Google+ and look for our pictures and videos on Flickr, Instagram and YouTube.

Need Legal Assistance?

Please be sure to visit our legal websites if you need legal assistance and you reside in Riverside County or San Bernardino County.

  • Protect-your-wealth.com – Learn more about estate planning, probate, asset protection, will contests and trust litigation.
  • Cal-elder-lawyer.com – Learn more about elder law, conservatorships, caring for a disabled person or frail senior in the home, and qualifying disabled persons or seniors for government assistance to help pay for long term care costs such as assisted living and nursing home costs.
  • Cal-special-needs-attorney.com – Learn about planning for persons with disabilities, including the use of special needs trusts. Get information of housing and care options and qualifying for or preserving government assistance such as SSI and Medi-Cal for your special needs loved one.
  • Fight-the-taxman.com – Learn about assistance with tax audits and appeals, litigating cases in Tax Court, or in negotiating installment agreements, offers in compromise or requests for abatement of penalties.

Law Office Aquariums and Dennis M. Sandoval, a Professional Law Corporation is located at 3233 Arlington Avenue Suite 105, Riverside, California 92506. You can schedule a free legal consultation by visiting one of the Riverside law firm’s websites or by calling 951-787-7711.

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