Shipping Price & Coral DOA Policies

We will contact you Via Email provided within 2 Business of your order to set up a delivery day.We only ship on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Please check your spam folders sometimes our emails are directed there.

We guaranty live delivery of our corals. If your coral arrives DOA or dies within 2 hours after delivery, we will give you a replacement coral, if possible. If we do not have a replacement coral to offer you, we will credit your account with the purchase price of the coral(s), minus the shipping cost. We do not offer cash refunds. We cannot guaranty corals beyond the first few hours of delivery as we cannot be confident of whether the coral died due to something we did wrong or if the coral could not adapt to the conditions in your tank. See our blog post at Ask Richard for more details on the parameters that we keep our tanks at.

In order to invoke our DOA policy, please send us a picture of the dead coral, preferably with it still in the bag we shipped it in (if it arrived DOA). If the coral arrived alive, but later died, please send us a picture of the dead or dying coral within two hours of delivery.

We check weather conditions before we ship. However, we cannot be held responsible for acts of God, such as snow storms, hurricanes, or your coral sitting for hours in a boiling or freezing warehouse. We use our best judgment as to whether to include cold packs or heat packs with the shipment. We also cannot be held responsible if FedEx, UPS, or some other reputable delivery service holds your coral overnight or does not make the before noon deadline window which we always purchase.

We can send your corals for direct delivery via Southwest, Alaska and other carriers. If sent in this manner it is your responsibility to pick up the corals from the airport on a timely basis. Cost for this service would require a quote from the airlines and is not part of our standard shipping practices.

Standard overnight shipping fees are $69. We usually use UPS. Shipping is free for orders over $400.00