Our Story


Law Office Aquariums started out as a single 90 gallon tank in the law office of Dennis M. Sandoval. It housed mostly softy corals. Eventually Dennis added a few more tanks around the tank, eventually graduating to SPS corals. Over about ten years, that one 90 gallon tank to a collection of sixteen tanks ranging in size from 45 gallons to 300 gallons spread throughout Dennis’ law firm. Soon the corals were outgrowing the tanks and we had to start fragging them.

Being an entrepreneur, Dennis wasn’t about to let those frags go to waste. And now we have the birth of Law Office Aquariums. With that many tanks to service, Dennis brought Richard Bausa on board to service all his aquariums and start our coral farms.

Early in 2020, Richard and Dennis decided to form a formal partnership to provide some of the finest aquacultured corals available anywhere in the United States, as well imports of SPS and LPS corals.

Our new facilities consist of an aquaculture coral farm of approximately 1,000 gallons, approximately 300 gallons of holding tanks for imported LPS and SPS corals, and various display tanks totaling approximately 1,500 gallons.

Any coral that is sold by Law Office Aquariums as an aquacultured coral has been in our systems for at least six months, with many of our mother colonies being in our tanks for 10 years old or more. 

Any corals brought into our facility are always quarantined for at least one month. During that period of time the corals are thoroughly inspected for pests and dipped on multiple occasions. After quarantine, the corals are transferred over to our holding tanks until sold.

In addition to corals, Law Office Aquariums can be your source for equipment and custom tank builds. We retail for some of the finest aquarium and equipment manufacturers in the world. See out Services page for a list of the brands we carry.

For customers in the Inland Empire, we can also offer you professional serving of your tanks.