What brand of salt do you use?

Over the years we have probably used every brand of salt out there. We currently use Brightwell NeoMarine and that is what we carry in stock.    

As far as preparing out salt water for our systems and for sale to the public, we start with a NINE stage filtration system which results in the cleanest RODI water we are aware of. Zero TDS.

We recommend salinity at 1.026 specific gravity, 34 – 35 ppt. That is what our water is mixed at. We use auto top off systems to assure consistency of salinity. The auto top off systems are controlled by Neptune Apex Controllers. Our various top off water storage tanks have mostly been manufactured by Advanced Acrylics.

We carry Brightwell and Neptune products and can have any type of acrylic tank you would like manufactured for you. Contact us at sales@lawofficeaquariums.com if you need more information.