What type of lighting do you use for your tanks?

We started we halides and eventually switched to t-5 lighting. We are very satisfied with the growth we get from our lighting.

All of aquaculture SPS farm tanks are lit by ATI SunPower T-5 modules. We use eight bulb fixtures with 4 Blue+ bulbs, 2 Coral+ bulbs and 2 Purple+ bulbs. Our Display Tanks are lit by ATI PowerModules. Again, we use 8 T-5s (4 blue+, 2 Coral+, 2 Purple+) with the built in LED lights. We supplement these lights with Reefbrite XHO Blue LED strips.

We are conducting a little experiment with our holding tanks. Each holding tank is lit by different LED lights. We will be tracking light intensity, disbursement patterns and coral growth as part of our research. If we ever decide to switch to LEDs, we should have lots of useful data to decide on what lights to use. In the meantime, our customers can see the different types of lights in action to decide what lights they might want to choose for their tanks.

Our first holding tank is lit by 4 EcoTech XR30 G5 Pros.
Our second holding tank is lit by 4 Neptune SKY LEDs.
Our last holding tank is lit by 4 CoralVue Philips Coralcare Gen2 LEDs.

We have all these lights available for purchase by our customers and for parties desiring a custom build.